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Canute chugged down his cola. The carbonation woke up his senses. He threw the can in the trash. He quickly organized his room that he left vacant for a while before returning to training with his squad.


The instructors unanimously agreed. Learning to lose was also a lesson to be learned. They must be taught the bitter taste of failure before they become drunk off victory.


This was a turn of events that had never been trialed. They had turned day into night. Han rose his hand and stopped his squad from moving forward.


The squad scattered left and right and took cover in the corners of the room. The bullets shot past their original positions. Once the Elu emptied its magazine, it disappeared and escaped off to somewhere.


The next squad battle would be capture the flag. This was one of the battles that Han had the most confidence in. He had trained for this type of battle since his first year of Ark. Han gathered his squad members and briefed everyone on today's battle plans. He would divide their squad into three teams with the designated leaders of Han, Canute, and Jose. The three teams would attack the opponent's command center in rotations.


'Those horrible drill instructors. I don't know who that skull masked man is, but he's not any pushover. He has the unique skill of teleportation. His skill range isn't that wide though.'

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Han commanded his squad roughly. The squad members followed Han's command like a reflex. Han's stern command had given the youths a bit of strength.


The executives who arrested Han observed toward Kuro. They understood Kuro's strength. His psychic strength could easily bat away a flying missile. If he wished, he could easily kill all the people in this room in a bat of an eye. He was a super psyker that would appear in only movies.


"If the higher-ups would have been a little bit more sensible in handling this crisis, then you're right. However, they don't care that a few soldiers die. They do not understand the weight of a person's life. They're able to move thousands of people with a click of a button. If they become obsessed over every single person's life, they cannot do the job that they do. Eventually, their senses dull. The numbers and data written on paper start to feel like a game. It's easy to get used to it.." Schwartz said in a low voice.


Han and the squad felt the strange sensation flowing from the dimensional crack. A strange pressure flowed from the crack that only psykers could feel.


"I don't care if you leave, but don't think of taking Kuro from our squad."


Dimitri had strong pride. He might be suffering a mental breakdown mentally suffering a great, but he was the type to sort out his feelings privately.


Han let out a satisfied smile while getting beaten. He didn't have to stress out about succeeding anymore, and the joy inside his heart overwhelmed himself that it didn't hurt a bit.



"The enemy plays around with his prey before going for the kill. There should be many survivors around the building. Herald, did you see it?"



He looked to be in his mid thirties, and was a bald fellow. His sweaty bald head seemed glaring, even from far away. The glare from his head made one's eyes hurt.


Han felt strange. Laocha's height didn't reach 170 cm. Han had met an adult shorter than himself for the first time. He suddenly felt how huge his own body had become.


Any first and second years who cannot adjust are weeded out. The third years are those who have graduated from this system.

  • "Capture Inspector Rue and his entourage. Only suppress them for capture, we must continue to protect them against the enemy."
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