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Han was able to use his backpack as a makeshift tube to swim onto shore. He had to swim halfway around the island before finding a place he could swim ashore.


Eight kilometers was not too far, but not the shortest distance either. It wasn't easy moving through the thick forest while in full gear. Gradually, his focus was dulling. No matter how much he walked, he could only see thick forest up ahead.


Karl's gang all armed themselves with a weapon and charged. One youth even had a knife wrapped around the end of his spear. If anyone were to be stabbed by that, it could end their lives.


He frequently followed his father into the forest to hunt. He had experienced many things already since young due to his experience fishing and hunting. This became a great strength for him as he grew up in Ark.


For the next period of time, discussions of the mock battle did not cease. After a week, there were three more mock battles. The platoon leader changed each time.


Han continued to practice shooting in various positions. He was not used to shooting while moving, and made lots of mistakes. But, all shots while stationary were superb.

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Han didn't try to be modest or show off. He simply stood there. It was unbelievable this youth had been throwing up after seeing the remains of the researcher's corpses.


Sergeant Red is in reality just an instructor, but everyone refers to him as a sergeant.


It was enough that it blocked out the wind and morning dew. Inside, the parachute was spread out onto the floor and made for a nice sleeping hideout.


Laocha felt relaxed. He was a master of martial arts. Before he was a soldier, he was already trained in Muay Thai.


Jose gestured an attack signal to his team. They prepared their attack formation while encircling Han.


'We must move immediately in case there are more enemies. They will still find us dozens of kilometres away.'


Han blearily blinked his eyes. Han could see an afterimage of the Elu mage through the pillars of lights streaming out from the crack. The Elu mage didn't even imagine that someone would appear from behind them. It only focused on the enemies attacking from the front.



Han's spoke in a low, but passionate voice. They felt a calm anger from his tone. Han also felt irritated from the drill instructor's harsh treatment.



Squad 13 looked excited. The other squads held similar expressions of enthusiasm for visiting the dimensional crack. It felt like they were off on a field trip. Han also felt that this day would feel like a much needed day off. After Han finished his meal and shower, he went to Jose's room.


You're pretty good, Han. I can't believe Simon is obediently listening to your orders." Jose said while watching the two. Simon was famous for his independent and high handed nature.


Soon, the helicopter seemed to pause and instead propelled higher into the air. Han's ears felt muffled. He listened to the drill instructors murmuring words. The drill instructor shouted loudly.

  • Han didn't wish to waste his time, so the moment he woke up, he started reading his books. He did everything he could while remaining in bed.
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