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Simon said no more and went to return to his original position. After the formation of Squad Whiskey, Simon and Han had settled their differences a great deal.


Though young, he was capable of thinking in this way. 'Things will work out somehow in the end.' In his life, if he lived with such a light heart, it would mean starvation and possibly death.


There was an explosion. Schwartz was thrown back by the force of the explosion. He threw off his battle gear which was burnt into black charcoal. Thanks to his physical strength reinforcement skill, he didn't suffer critical injuries.


Everyone felt much better while gathered around the fire. Just the fact that they could continue to have a fire going gave them a sense of comfort.


Han laid in his bed while reading the mail from Major Kang. This was the only time he could completely relax and feel at comfort.


The gun broke apart from the impact. The Elu's head was split open as it gritted its teeth. It swung its arms with murderous eyes.

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"There will definitely be Elu warriors guarding the Elu mage. If you wish for more information, you can read a more detailed report through your data bracelets."


The postponement period for squad 13 ended. They were now required to participate in the squad battles decided upon by the drill instructors. They could not decide their opponents nor type of battle theme. They had to adapt to whatever situation they were thrown in.


Kuro's hands and arms shook violently as he fell to the ground. He continuously threw up blood. Blood gushed from his eyes, nose, and ears.


The next squad battle would be capture the flag. This was one of the battles that Han had the most confidence in. He had trained for this type of battle since his first year of Ark. Han gathered his squad members and briefed everyone on today's battle plans. He would divide their squad into three teams with the designated leaders of Han, Canute, and Jose. The three teams would attack the opponent's command center in rotations.


Han glared chillingly. He had compartmentalized all his guilt and anxiousness to the very bottom of his heart. The one who had lost composure was Silence.


"Silence, tail after those two. We will maintain distance and follow after you."


He thought of various spots around Ark. The enemy intruders were too close to the second year dorm buildings. Their hideout would be found immediately. The forest terrain was harder to locate and advantageous tactically



These were the students who had been on the borderline of being enlisted into retirement by the instructors. To these students, watching Han leave them in the dust was unnerving.



The air vent shook. The soldiers who noticed the sound perked up their ears. They shot their guns toward the air vent that made noise.


Han did not plan to obediently lose like the drill instructors intended for them. He quietly called Jose over and drafted their plan.


Sergeant Red's voice sounded distant. Han breathed hard while getting a hold of himself. Anger boiled from his chest.

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